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Our Services

In order to meet the broad needs of technological and industrial development, it has become necessary that groups of professionals with diverse background work together in an integrated team. By engaging a team of experienced project professionals and technical personnel, MainsField Solutions is able to support you in building, operating and maintaining your assets. From construction to regulatory compliance, our professionals deliver and implement cost effective solutions for oil & gas projects that vary in size, scope, and schedule.

Pipeline Engineering and field solutions:

  • Pipeline laying and Construction
  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Hook-up's & Commissioning
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Control Process
  • Corrosion management & Control

Supplementary Services

Procurement Services

We aim to improve project delivery and help clients maximize return on investment (ROI) from their assets using our preferred manufacturing list (PML). We work to secure equipment and materials that align with the project budgets, schedules and engineering specifications;

  • Purchasing (RFQ Processing and Vendor Documentation)
  • Inspection (Coordinate with 3rd part vendor inspections and, Review and Issue inspection reports)

Environmental Services

  • Refinery Waste Minimization and Contingency plan
  • Leak Detection and repair
  • Mitigation Planning and Monitoring

Mainsfield Solutions

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